China Mobile International Limited has forged the strategic partnership with Exponentia Global following the MoU signing ceremony 


September 27, 2021

Exponentia Global, a trusted global wholesale telecom operator and Invixible, a leading trusted advisor and partner in Internet of Things (IoT) business and technology solutions announced to join forces today to enable telecom and other markets with state-of-the-art end to end IoT solutions and services. Exponentia Global and Invixible will collaborate to jointly develop an array of diversified IoT capabilities which can easily be adapted to deliver standard and bespoke enterprise IoT solutions for customers across the globe with highly reduced Time to Market and costs.

The two market leaders through this alliance complement mutual strengths to unlock IoT acceleration, especially for telecom community that is eyeing the massive potential of IoT digital services to create new revenue streams and address the challenges of declining connectivity revenues.

“IoT is about creating seamless multi-solution experiences that bring efficiency to customers’ business and can encapsulate multiple use cases. This is possible only through consultative customer-driven approach to IoT solutions. For example, today the Telecom players want their sales teams to be able to demonstrate IoT Proof of Value (PoV) to customers in minutes, calculate ROI on the spot and win customer confidence by making IoT tangible. Thus, leading to Proof of Concepts (PoC) wins and ultimately to new IoT digital service revenues through end to end IoT solutions. Therefore, shorter Time to Market, repeatable architecture and rapid and simplified creation of IoT solutions are some key factors where IoT proliferation is hidden. This is where our unique and proven product ‘Xelerate’ brings highly repeatable IoT capabilities and combines them with vertical e2e IoT solutions giving complete control of IoT solutions business in the hands of our customers.” said Dr. Fahad Aijaz, Chief Executive Officer of Invixible. “We are delighted to synergize with Exponentia Global who enjoys exemplary trust for years in the telecom carriers market. We look forward to working with them in assisting global telecom operators and other customers in accelerating new revenues through IoT solutions & services”.

Internet of Things is shaping up to be the strongest contributor to the next industrial revolution. The proliferation of IoT is on the cards and the early entrants are bound to amass most prolific success.

“With the commoditization of connectivity solution, and speedy saturation in allied value-added-services, IoT solutions are the most lucrative next S-Curves for the telecom operators who are well acquainted of the end customers’ need for automation, optimization and efficiency. We resolve to facilitate our carrier partners with turnkey yet extremely customizable IoT solutions which will embark upon their transformation to IoT enabled telecom networks,” said Tarique Aslam Qureshi, Chief Executive Officer of Exponentia Global. “Team Invixible brings with it an amazing amalgamation of experience and expertise at simplifying IoT intervention to this partnership. We have jointly invested our time, energy and efforts at forming a huge portfolio of solutions with Invixible that the telecom partners are desirous of today.”

Exponentia Global and Invixible are heading to showcase their IoT solutions through upcoming global events, and have already won numerous PoC rollouts for a number of telecom carriers and customers with thousands of connected asset in the field.

About Exponentia Global

Exponentia Global is one of the leading global wholesale telecom carrier who serve their partners and customers to the best of their interests by utilizing an extensive network (owned, leased and partnered) and exceptional footprint of owned/shared international Points of Presence (POP). With highly-trained and professional customer support, telecom experts, and astute portfolio of solutions, Exponentia Global assure that the clients’ expectations are met – always.
Exponentia Global hold unshakable faith of their clients who have put their trust in their services which is the most priced asset that they have developed. Exponentia Global is the preferred partner when it comes to fulfilling connectivity needs and allied services, no matter how complex they are.

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Humayun Khan
Manager Global Sales and Business Development

About Invixible

Invixible is a trusted advisor and specialist partner for Internet of Things (IoT) business and technology solutions and services. With deep experience in Telecom market and expertise in the end to end IoT value chain, Invixible has helped some of the world’s largest global players in Telecom and beyond in accelerating their IoT growth and delivering IoT digital services globally. They are considered experts & thought leaders in IoT having extensive end to end experience and domain knowledge of IoT business, strategy, products, technology and solutions spanning multiple verticals. For their customers, Invixible, is a one-stop IoT partner with a combined experience of over 20+ years that covers the entire IoT value chain.

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