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IPLC (International Private Leased Circuits)

Exponentia Global, is dedicated to delivering exceptional connectivity solutions. Our suite of resources, including International Private Leased Circuits (IPLCs), ensures unparalleled performance. We excel in providing dedicated, express-speed IPLC connectivity that surpasses industry standards.

Leveraging our extensive network, we engineer the most efficient routes, guaranteeing supreme quality, minimal latency, and cost-effectiveness. Committed to accessibility, we offer a range of terrestrial route options. Trust us to make top-notch connectivity affordable and reliable for our valued customers.

Local Leased Capacities

Exponentia Global dominates the spectrum, from small feats to grand endeavours, with our readily available Local Leased Capacities.

With an extensive network covering multiple countries & regions, Exponentia Global is finely tuned to meet your diverse intra-country needs. Whether 1xE1 or STM64, Exponentia Global handles every demand with flair and simplicity, delivering bespoke & unmatched connectivity solutions.

IP Transit & Internet

At Exponentia Global, we guarantee your traffic moves swiftly and uninterrupted to its destination. No matter the speed or volume, our network ensures seamless transmission, letting you maintain your workflow without any distractions or concerns.

We take pride in providing the most efficient IP Transit solutions across various countries. Our scalable solutions adapt to future demands and upgrades with minimal cost.

Discover our array of enterprise internet solutions, including DIA (Direct Internet Access), SIA (Shared Internet Access), and BIA (Broadband Internet Access). This diverse offering empowers you to select the precise mix for your locations, forming a unified global network architecture.

International POPs

Experience the resonance of our expanding circle, reaching out globally to benefit our cherished customers.

Exponentia Global has strategically placed POPs in Singapore, Hong Kong, Fujairah and Frankfurt to connect with global carriers and customers for seamless traffic exchange.

Get ready for the launch of innovative POPs in Palo Alto (USA), and London in 2024, a testament to our unwavering dedication to pioneering connectivity solutions.

Local Access Solutions

At Exponentia Global, our robust infrastructure is the cornerstone of our reliable services. Our Local Access Solutions ensure efficient and dependable access with up to 100 Gbps speeds.

We offer fast and reliable connections with a dedicated optical fiber network. We provide customers with connectivity options such as microwave/radio, broadband, or satellite to ensure the network remains connected and functional, even for remote locations. Get fast and reliable speed up to 100 Gbps with our flexible local access solutions to keep your business connected.


Efficiency is our forte. We prioritize optimal routing over lengthy network addresses. Exponentia Global provides secure and reliable enterprise network infrastructure for optimal performance.

With our advanced MPLS technology, connecting globally dispersed sites becomes a breeze. Using label switching traffic passed optimally via shorter pathways with improved quality, reduced downtime and better QoS with prioritizing traffic.


Exponentia Global has worked to bring the world closer together, but most importantly enabled corporations to expand their operation without having to worry about distance using its network.

By virtue of our established global network, we are able to provide diversified sets of solutions adaptable to various industry requirements. We ensure that the robust architecture of the solutions provisioned meet all global markets’ demands in totality.

We offer various last mile media technologies & solutions so as to meet the customer requirements – be it the cost, quality or throughput.


At Exponentia Global, our expertise is crafting bespoke Data Center solutions that align seamlessly with your business requirements. We offer colocation services that cater to your needs, from racks to custom containment units. Our Remote Hand Support is available 24/7, 365 days a year, ensuring unwavering commitment to your operations

Global Wholesale (Telecom) Services

Step into a world of unparalleled telecom services at Exponentia Global, where our commitment to excellence is unmatched.

Our Global Wholesale Connectivity solutions specialize in reselling wholesale capacity and backbones, primarily leveraging the robust network of international submarine fiber optics cable systems.

This forms the core of our strength, allowing us to meet and exceed virtually all requirements that our esteemed customers and trusted partners place in us.

Enabling you to work more efficiently with our smart solutions.

Efficiency meets innovation with our range of intelligent work solutions. Elevate your work experience & boost your productivity!

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