IPLC (International Private Leased Circuits)

Exponentia Global’s various resources include International Private Leased Circuits to ensure a quality connection for your business’ needs.

For your dedicated and express speed needs, we provide best in class IPLC connectivity solutions. Through our owned and leased capacities across various global submarine cable systems; we design the best route, supreme quality, optimal latency and affordable cost options for our esteemed customers.

We have a plethora of terrestrial route options to traverse across continents wherever possible to resort to alternate lower-cost solutions to the benefit of end customers affordability.

Local Leased Capacities

The magnitude of your operations is of no concern, and all the more easily surmountable with the help of our Local Leased Capacities.

Spanning across various countries, our owned and partnered network backbones enable us to serve intra-country requirements. From enterprise requirements as low as 1xE1 or 1Mbps and carrier requirements to as huge as STM64 or 10G is managed with complete ease.

IP Transit & Internet

Your traffic flows through our network to its targeted location uninterrupted at high speeds. Maintain your workflow without ever having to worry about distractions.

Exponentia Global will provide you with the most efficient IP Transit solutions in various countries. Our solution is designed scalable such that the future demands and upgrade needs are fulfilled with no or minimal additional cost factors.

We have various flavours of enterprise internet solutions whiz, DIA (direct internet access), SIA (shared internet access) and BIA (broadband internet access) so that the customers enjoy the liberty of picking and choosing the right mix for their locations forming global network architecture.

International POPs

Our circle grows stronger as we prepare to expand our reach out into the world, all for the benefit of our customers, so they may enjoy exceptional connectivity for their businesses.

Exponentia Global has established POPs in Singapore, Hong Kong and Marseille to be able to shake hands with global partners for exchange of traffic.

We are all set to roll out newer POPs in Pal Alto (USA), UAE and London (UK) through the start of 2021.

Local Access Solutions

What makes us stand out is an exceptional infrastructure, upon which we have built each of our reliable services.

Exponentia Global’s Local Access Solutions offer an efficient and reliable infrastructure, allowing our customers to access speeds up to 10 Gbps. Our solution is offered on a dedicated 100% optical fiber link, to ensure high-speed. Wherever the customer confronts the challenge of reaching a remote location, we hop over to microwave/radio, broadband, or even satellite option to ensure that the entire customer’s network remains connected.


We utilize our resources smartly, ensuring that routing is done through the most effective path, instead of long network addresses.

With our Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS), you’ll be able to connect more effectively with your sites scattered throughout the globe. Exponentia Global’s MPLS provides a secure, and a reliable enterprise network for our customers optimal performance.

Managed IT Services

Everything at the back-end is handled in its entirety by our IT experts. All of your questions and problems will be answered by our professional technical support at any time throughout the year.

With our IT experts, field force, and partner networks, we can manage your more tedious tasks, so that you can continue to focus primarily on your core business.

The bouquet of our managed services revolves around:

  • IT Services.
  • Telecom Services.
  • Security Services.

Managed Security Services

No business should have to worry about losing any sensitive data to the inability of a system’s infrastructure. Our plan makes your data exclusive to the confines of your business.

Exponentia Global offers unwavering security to its clients with complete accountability and reliability. Using our various global resources (human capital, channel partners, and network probes), you can secure your data and other information.

  • Protection for your Email and Web Server.
  • Detect any intrusions.
  • Perimeter security.

Business Process Outsourcing Services

Leave your worries to Exponentia Global; with professional consultancy, we’ll make sure you get what you deserve.

Our Business process outsourcing (BPO) Services enable our customers to subcontract their non-primary business activities and functions. Our BPO services include:

  • Consultancy.
  • Human Capital Management.
  • Technical & Functional Operations Management.
  • Network Operations Center
  • Sales and Account Management


Exponentia Global has worked to bring the world closer together, but most importantly enabled corporations to expand their operation without having to worry about distance using its network.

By virtue of our established global network, we are able to provide diversified sets of solutions adaptable to various industry requirements. We ensure that the robust architecture of the solutions provisioned meet all global markets’ demands in totality.

We offer various last mile media technologies & solutions so as to meet the customer requirements – be it the cost, quality or throughput.

Global Wholesale (Telecom) Services

Introduce yourselves to our unparalleled telecom services. With a trained team backing the entire infrastructure, you will face no problems during your time with Exponentia Global.

Our Global Wholesale (Telecom) Service entails reselling of wholesale (telecom) capacity primarily based on international submarine fiber optics cable systems.

The amalgamation of owned, leased and shared capacities in various parts of the world form our core strength to fulfill virtually all requirements that our customers and partners trust us with.


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